Underground Storage Tank Project Profile


Historically, this site was the corporate headquarters for Bob Evan’s Farms. In 1983, four petroleum underground storage tanks (USTs), which were used for fueling and servicing company vehicles, were installed. In 2013, the USTs were no longer in service and their removal was required by Ohio regulations. Additionally, the USTs’ presence at the site was complicating the pending sale and property redevelopment.


Phoenix Environmental was retained to assist with UST system removal and closure activities. Throughout the project, Phoenix personnel were onsite to supervise the excavation contractor, field screen soils for impacts, and advise the owner’s representative and the State Fire Marshall of the project activities. After the USTs were removed, Phoenix personnel collected 40 field screening samples and submitted 13 soil samples for laboratory analysis.


Laboratory results for the soil samples indicated no significant petroleum hydrocarbon impacts to soil were present. Phoenix provided a completed report to the client and requested an expedited report review from Ohio’s Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations (BUSTR). Six days after receiving our report, BUSTR issued a letter that the site had achieved No Further Action (NFA) status.

Watch our unofficial “Dirty Jobs” video of a UST removal.

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