The Phoenix was a glorious mythical bird that lived for 500 years then, at the end of its life, was reborn.

The Phoenix Was A Glorious Mythical Bird That Lived For 500 Years And At The End Of Its Life, It Was Reborn.

About Us

Brownfields are like the Phoenix. Once great properties now at the end of their long life yearning to be restored to greatness.

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Phoenix Environmental’s staff assesses Brownfields, advises clients of their environmental risks and helps them return their property to beneficial use. Phoenix Environmental was formed in 2012. Since our inception, we have developed a solid reputation for successfully solving environmental problems. We do this by understanding our clients’ objective, their regulatory framework and by taking a collaborative approach to every project. Our goal is to provide knowledgeable, timely and cost-effective environmental solutions.

Our business model is notably different from many environmental firms. Phoenix does not have a large, full-time staff. Instead, Phoenix' staff consists of a national network of Professional Associates (PAs). This flexible workforce gives Phoenix the ability to "staff-up and staff-down" without carrying the “client-shouldered” costs of larger firms. Additionally, our PAs’ widespread geographic distribution provides significantly lower travel costs and exceptional state-to-state technical knowledge. State-specific knowledge is critical for environmental due diligence, site remediation activities, storage tank closures, asbestos surveys and abatement, and other complex projects. We understand that when it comes to environmental consulting services, experience matters most. The average experience level of Phoenix’ PAs is over 20 years.

Our Staff