Phase 2 ESAs

Phase 2 ESAs are often required when the site use included businesses with a history of environmental issues. Gas stations, dry cleaners, automotive and machine shops, and industrial manufacturing businesses commonly have some level of environmental concern necessitating a Phase 2 ESA. Further analysis into the specific site details during the Phase 1 ESA help determine, if any of these previous uses have created a significant potential for a release or if a known release has occurred. Expertise in soil and groundwater contamination is required in order to make good judgments in regards to these matters. Phoenix has significant experience investigating a wide variety of contaminants and are knowledgable of the latest investigative techniques. Some of the Phase 2 tests may include:

  • surficial soil and water samples
  • subsurface soil borings
  • groundwater monitoring well installation, sampling, and analysis
  • drum sampling (if any were located on the property)
  • sampling of onsite disposal wells,
  • floor drains and catch basins
  • transformer/capacitor sampling for Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)
  • geophysical testing for buried tanks and drums
  • tightness testing of underground storage tanks

When an environmental contaminate is identified, we provide multiple cost-effective recommendations to address the issue and bring the site to closure.

Phase 2

Phase 2
Phase 2
Phase 2
Phase 2
Phase 2


Want to see an example of our Phase II ESA reports? Here is a redacted Phase II for a former printing facility.